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Books for Women and Girls

ISBN-10 0091884209

The Courage to Heal

Publisher:   Vermilion
Author(s): Ellen Bass & Laura Davies
ISBN-10: 0091884209
ISBN-13: 978-0091884208

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The Courage To Heal: A Guide For Women Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse is based on the experiences of hundreds of child abuse survivors. The book profiles victims who share the challenges and triumphs of their personal healing processes. Inspiring and comprehensive, it offers mental, emotional and physical support to all people who are in the process of rebuilding their lives. The Courage to Heal offers hope, encouragement and practical advice to every woman who was sexually abused as a child

ISBN-10 1555535275

Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence: Does She Call It Rape?

Publisher:   Northeastern University Press
Author(s): Lori B. Girshick
ISBN-10: 1555535275
ISBN-13: 978-1555535278

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In a work that is sure to stir controversy, Lori B. Girshick exposes the shocking, hidden reality of woman-to-woman sexual violence and gives voice to the abused. Drawing on a nationwide survey and in-depth interviews, Girshick explores the experiences and reflections of seventy women, documenting what happened to them, how they responded, and whether they received any help to cope with the emotional impact of their assault. The author discusses how the lesbian community has silenced survivors of sexual violence due to myths of lesbian utopia, and considers what role societal homophobia, biphobia, and heterosexism has played in this silencing. Ranging from date and acquaintance rape, to domestic sexual abuse by partners, to sexual harassment in the workplace, these harrowing stories provide a fuller understanding of woman-to-woman sexual violence than exists anywhere else.

ISBN-10 1910318000

The courage to be me: A story of courage, self-compassion and hope after sexual abuse

Publisher:   NB Research Ltd.
Author(s): Dr. Nina Burrowes
ISBN-10: 1910318000
ISBN-13: 978-1910318003
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Dr. Nina Burrowes’ Website (Read Online Free)

How do you rebuild your life after sexual abuse? Join a group of women as they share their stories of courage, self-compassion and hope after rape and sexual abuse. Find out how coming together and learning about recovery helped them on their journey. Using a combination of illustration, storytelling and research data The courage to be me has been written to send a message of hope to the millions of people who are living with the impact of rape or sexual abuse.

Books for Men and Boys

ISBN-10 006053026X

Victims No Longer

Publisher:   Harper Perennial
Author(s): Mike Lew & Ellen Bass
ISBN-10: 006053026X
ISBN-13: 978-0060530266

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The first book written specifically for men, Victims No Longer examines the changing cultural attitudes toward male survivors of incest and other sexual trauma. Now, in this Second Edition, this invaluable resource continues to offer compassionate and practical advice, supported by personal anecdotes and statements of male survivors. Victims No Longer helps survivors to:

  • Identify and validate their childhood experiences
  • Explore strategies of survival and healing
  • Work through issues such as trust, intimacy, and sexual confusion
  • Establish a support network for continued personal recovery
  • Make choices that aren’t determined by abuse

Psychotherapist Mike Lew has worked with thousands of men and women in their healing from the effects of childhood sexual abuse, rape, physical violence, emotional abuse, and neglect. The development of strategies for recovery from incest and other abuse, particularly for men, has been a major focus of his work as a counsellor and group leader. Thoroughly updated and revised, and including an expanded Resources section, Victims No Longer educates survivors and professionals about the recovery process — speaking to the pain, needs, fears, and hopes of the adult male survivor.

ISBN-10 155643345X

Leaping upon the Mountains: Men Proclaiming Victory over Sexual Child Abuse

Publisher: North Atlantic Books, U.S.
Author(s): Mike Lew & Richard Hoffman
ISBN-10: 155643345X
ISBN-13: 978-1556433450

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Presenting the first real investigation of what male sexual assault survivors themselves identify as most important during various stages of recovery, Leaping upon the Mountains contains powerfully moving contributions from hundreds of men of all ages and backgrounds throughout the United States and 45 other countries. It is not a work of fiction, but a compilation of many truths, many realities—a quilt pieced together from men’s experiences—forming an impressively triumphant pattern. Taken together, they state, lucidly and forcefully, that recovery work produces changes that are real, important, and permanent. Leaping upon the Mountains is a celebration of successful recovery.

Readers of Leaping upon the Mountains will discover:

  • Insights and resources for all stages of recovery
  • Encouraging and inspiring messages from other male survivors
  • A large updated resource section providing concrete help to survivors and professionals
  • Ways of reconnecting with their own strength and creativity

Books for Partners, Family and Friends

ISBN-10 0060968834

Allies in Healing

Publisher:   HarperCollins Publishers;
Author(s): Laura Davies
ISBN-10: 0060968834
ISBN-13: 978-0060968830

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Focusing on people who were sexually abused as children, and based on interviews and her workshops for partners across the country, Laura Davies offers practical advice and encouragement to all partners – girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses and lovers – trying to support the survivors in their lives while tending to their own needs along the way. She shows couples how to deepen compassion, improve communication, and develop an understanding of healing as a shared activity. Addressing partners’ most important questions, this book answers common questions about sexual abuse, introduces key concepts of working and growing together, includes strategies for handling suicidal feelings, regression and hopelessness, offers practical advice on healing with distancing, control, trust and fighting, provides guidelines for coping with flashbacks, lack of desire, differences in sexual needs and frustration, and explores the struggles, triumphs and courage of eight partners. Laura Davis is a co-author of “The Courage to Heal” and author of “The Courage to Heal Workbook”.

ISBN-10 159337643X

If The Man You Love Was Abused: A Couple’s Guide To Healing

Publisher:   Adams Media
Author(s): Marie H. Browne with Marlene M. Browne
ISBN-10: 159337643X
ISBN-13: 978-1593376437

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The scars left on the hearts and souls of childhood abuse survivors run deep. They require time, patience and loving support to heal. Finally, “If the Man You Love Was Abused” offers a lifeline for the men who suffered childhood abuse, and the people who love them. This book will teach readers to: get the support that the survivor needs; make sure loved ones don’t neglect their own needs; and, determine when, and how, to seek professional help.

Books for Professionals and Helpers

ISBN-10 0859698106

Breaking Free: Help for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (Insight)

Publisher:   Sheldon Press
Author(s): Carolyn Ainscough and Kay Toon
ISBN-10: 0859698106
ISBN-13: 978-0859698108

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This manual updates the first edition, and investigates all the effects of child sexual abuse, which often persist into adult life – guilt and shame, depression and anxiety, eating disorders, fear of relationships and sexual problems. It includes discussion of female abusers, and draws on accounts of survivors who want their voices to be heard, offering a positive and optimistic approach to help survivors break free from the past.

ISBN-10 0335097634

Surviving Secrets

Publisher:   Open University Press
Author(s): Moira Walker
ISBN-10: 0335097634
ISBN-13: 978-0335097630

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In recent years considerable attention has been paid to the subject of abuse in childhood. Less attention has been paid to what happens to the vast number of women and men who have reached adulthood with this experience haunting them. Moira Walker overviews the experience and its implications, dealing with physical, sexual and psychological abuse. An essential part of the content is based on interviews with survivors of child abuse, voicing their views on the effects of the experience and the effectiveness of the help offered. At the same time Surviving Secrets seeks to understand the context in which abuse takes place, the society which itself contains and sustains abuse at various levels. It is a moving account of the experience and effects of childhood abuse and a handbook for those in the caring professions, in voluntary organizations and elsewhere who are helping survivors of abuse.

Police, Law and Court Proceedings Information Books

ISBN-10 0951087967

From Report to Court

Publisher:   Rights of Women
Author: Cathy Halloran
ISBN-10: 0951087967
ISBN-13: 978-0951087961

Available from Rights of Women in PDF Format and Amazon

From Report to Court: A handbook for adult survivors of sexual violence was first published in 2004. Funded by the Home Office, it was commissioned by Rape Crisis and written by Cathy Halloran with contributions from Rights of Women.

The book has been written to provide information and support to people who have experienced sexual violence, as well as to their families, friends and the organisations that support them. It explains the different stages of the legal process, from the point of deciding whether or not to report the incident to the police, through to the trial, verdict and sentence. From Report to Court also sets out the relevant law and the obligations the different agencies in the criminal justice system have to survivors of sexual violence.

Your Rights Your Body

Your rights your body your life: a young person’s guide to sexual violence and the law

Publisher:   The Havens
Author: Hannah Camplin, (Legal Officer at Rights of Women)

Available from Rights of Women in PDF Format

This legal guide has been written to provide you, as a 13 -17 year old, with information and support if you have experienced sexual violence. It will tell you about the law that can help you when someone acts in a sexually violent way towards you. It will also tell you about the legal process should you choose to tell the police what has happened to you.

Put forward originally as an idea by Parminder Sidhu, former Young Person’s Worker at the Haven Paddington, the information in this guide is given so you know what to expect from the police and the courts.

Crown Court Bench Book

Crown Court Bench Book: Directing The Jury

Publisher:   The Judicial Studies Board
Author: Mr Justice Pitchford

Available from The Judiciary of England and Wales

In 2010 the Judicial Studies Board published the Crown Court Bench Book setting out specimen directions for use by judges in the Crown Court.

Chapter 17 The Trial of Sexual Offences – is particularly useful for prosecutors, addressing myths, stereotypes and generalisations that may influence jury members in their deliberations. Trial advocates should be reminded to suggest appropriate directions from the Bench Book to the trial judge for inclusion in his/her summing up to the jury.