Rapid Response Trauma Support

Sometimes we assess that a client would benefit from short term trauma focussed therapy. This can be offered instead of longer-term counselling or in addition to longer term counselling. It normally involves up to 6 sessions with a counsellor in order to help reduce the effects of trauma which can include, flashbacks, panic attacks, poor sleeping and nightmares.

Trauma support will give you an understanding of how the effects of trauma are impacting on your relationships, social life, work and other aspects of your life by addressing:

  • The psychological effects of trauma
  • The emotional effects of trauma
  • The physiological effects of trauma.

If you receive this support prior to the conclusion of a criminal investigation or trial we will offer you help with the effects of trauma, but will not discuss the incident which is being investigated or any other aspects of the case. This support, sometimes referred to as the first stage of trauma treatment, consists of stabilisation, resourcing and self-regulation and is intended to help you manage the effects of trauma.